Howren Piano Studio

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About Terri

A homeschool mother of two, with one son beginning college this Fall and one daughter beginning High School, coupled with being an Accredited Simply Music teacher, Terri's desire is to teach music in a way that encourages imagination and gets students playing quickly for both their own satisfaction and for others.

Terri began taking traditional piano lessons at the age of 8 and played through her graduation from High School. She also played flute during that time from 5th grade through her graduation. At the age of 20, she began taking voice lessons, got involved with the local theatre, and studied guitar at the University of NC at Wilmington. She continued on and off during that time playing the piano for her own enjoyment. She found, however, that while it was satisfactory to read the music and learn the songs, when she would visit friends with pianos, she could never play anything because she didn't have her music with her.

Next came marriage, kids and being a working Mom. She taught her son traditional piano for 2 years (after which time he quit out of boredom and lack of personal satisfaction) and then began homeschooling and found no extra time for anything else. It wasn't until her children were tweens that she discovered the Simply Music method from a homeschool friend whose son was taking lessons. She was so impressed, she did some research on the method, spoke to the local teacher and a year later, found herself training to be a Simply Music teacher herself.

Terri loves her children, her Simply Music students and her job. Following every lesson, she finds great satisfaction knowing that her students go away with a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Bringing the gift of music to a child (or adult) is an invaluable, lifelong gift that is beyond compare.

Music is Terri's life and it is her desire to share that life with each and every student.  To bring a passion and love of creating music in each student is a vital part of Terri's philosophy and it is her desire to make that passion and love lifelong.