Howren Piano Studio

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Studio Policies


  1. As agreed, your upcoming month’s payment must be PAID ONE WEEK before the beginning of the next month.  This agreement allows me to run my business in a timely, predictable and stable manner, in order to offer you the top levels of my time and attention.  Your prepayment enables me to pay my mortgage and utilities, corollary piano licenses, room rentals, Uncle Sam, and online softwares and services, to serenely offer the totality of my product for you.

  1. Payment must be made to me in person during your last LESSON of the current month.

  1. At the BEGINNING of the last lesson previous to upcoming month, CASH OR CHECK for your monthly tuition must be handed to Terri DeLuca, to continue to reserve your teaching times with me for the upcoming month.

  1. If your payment for lessons is not prepaid, you will owe a late fee of $25.  You may also lose your scheduled time slot.


  1. If you are to be absent, please call TERRI DELUCA’S cell phone at 704-774-7779 to let me know.   If your child is sick, please do not bring them to class and let me know immediately.  A 24 hour notice to cancel a lesson is required.

  1. If you do not give a 24-hour notice, you forfeit your lesson.

  •  If you do not call or show up, you forfeit your lesson.

  1. Make up lessons must be scheduled within 1 week of the missed class. 

    I am early and punctual to protect our teaching agreement.  I expect the same respect and understanding when I have been sitting and waiting for you.


  1. If you are late, you forfeit the lost portion of your teaching time.  I will not go overtime because of your late arrival.  

Payment for Materials:

  1. When I recommend a Simply Music Foundation course, you must prepay for your materials.   There is no mark up on my part for these fees.

Parent Presence at Lessons:

  1. As part of my piano studio, when possible, I require a parent of any minor to be present for every lesson.  
  2. Nonetheless, it is my short and long-term goal to teach the child / student to manage his or her own learning.   Parental involvement at home making sure the student practices is a must for learning success.

Ending Lessons:

  1. If you or your student decides to end lessons, I must be given ONE MONTH NOTICE of your intention to quit.  I will need to know your reasons, and I will use the remaining lessons to equip each student for your stated purposes.

Thank you for making yourself aware of my requirements for our teaching relationship.  I genuinely and thoroughly love and enjoy each one of my students and their parents.  Most of my clients genuinely love and appreciate me and the depth, energy and fun spirit which I offer.

If you have goals, concerns, special needs or insights into your lessons or your child’s lessons and temperament, please do not hesitate to call me so we can discuss your input.  It is my intention to deeply honor and respect each one of you, living as fellow amazing children of God on this earth for our short time together!!  Let’s learn and have great joy and fun!!

Sincerely yours,

Terri DeLuca

Certified Simply Music Teacher

9805 Dunfries Road

Matthews, NC  28105

980-218-9029 - home

704-774-7779 - cell