Howren Piano Studio

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Quotes Mrs. Terri is a wonderful piano teacher especially in the way she chooses the right pace for my children. They don't feel pushed ahead all the time and she doesn't let them slack off either. Mrs.. Terri seems to have this inner feeling on how much they are able and comfortable doing each week. This certainly helps with kids enjoyment of learning piano. I as a parent feel she is the right kind of teacher for them. I enjoy her myself as well. Quotes
Homeschool Mom

Quotes My daughter has made great progress in one year. The Simply Music method helps students establish a foundation for playing the piano in an accelerated period of time. Terri's style of teaching is refreshing, encouraging and she passes her enthusiasm for music onto the student in a very natural way. I highly recommend Terri to others - adults or children!! Quotes
Schoolteacher Mom

Quotes We just love the Simply Music method. It's so much more enjoyable than traditional lessons, and my son, who has Aspergers Syndrome, has learned to play so many beautiful pieces in no time. Actually, really sophisticated sounding pieces. My son just loves Terri and can't wait for hugs from her every week. She has a personality that has expectations of her students but in such an encouraging way. Thanks, Terri! Quotes
Homeschool Mom

Quotes Terri is the kind of teacher that genuinely cares deeply for the success of her students. She cares that they are proud of their accomplishments. And she takes it personally if they are not comfortable with the material. She will find a way to "break through" the obstacle until the student is once again performing confidently. Quotes
Homeschool Mom

Quotes Terri has been our Simply Music teacher for 2 years. I have 3 children taking lessons from her. Terri is a very enthusiastic and professional teacher. She comes prepared and ready to go. My girls are having so much fun learning a variety of songs and are advancing quickly. I would highly recommend her for children of all ages. Quotes
Homeschool Mom

Quotes Terri has been a wonderful, patient and supportive piano teacher for my children. Since beginning piano a year ago, they have gained a rewarding relationship with the piano through the Simply Music program that includes a repertoire of at least 20 songs played by heart. Terri has made the process of learning an instrument positive and fun, and I would recommend her, and have recommended her, to anyone desiring piano lessons. Quotes
Homeschool Mom

Quotes We are thrilled with our son's progress. After only 6 months, our 6 year old is playing Fur Elise! As someone who "got stuck" in note-reading, I'm amazed that our son already knows major and minor chords. Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes My daughter, Maya, had taken traditional piano lessons for a year and was still struggling through "The Wheels on the Bus." Then we found Simply Music - and Terri. Within a few short months under Terri's gifted instruction and continual encouragement, Maya was playing "Fur Elise." Most importantly, her confidence soared. During the summer when there was just not enough time to practice every day, Terri never nagged or lectured. She focused on the progress and the positive, and that made a tremendous difference. Terri always seems to have something to freshen up an older song on the Simply Music playlist or a solution to a problem Maya is having. Perhaps the biggest compliment is that my son just switched to piano after two years of violin lessons because he saw how much fun his sister was having! Quotes
Sheila O.
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I was delighted to find the SM method and Terri. The last time I attempted to learn piano I was 6 or 7. It was awful. I had pretty much given up on music being something I could learn to play but now the dream is back. Starting off with visual patterns of playing allowed me to play music and learn how to improvise and express myself. Playing piano has brought a renewed joy to my life and I am beginning now after only a few months to learn the notation and chord building skills essential to music. Terri's enthusiastic and joyful attitude give me lots of encouragement and with 40 years of disillusionment I sure needed it. If you love music and want to give yourself a great gift, have Terri teach you with the Simply Music method. It may be the best thing you can do to bring a bit of pleasure to your household. Quotes
Louis B. Smith, AIA